Manushya is the sanskrit word for human being. What is being referred to, when one uses this term?
” One is referring to the spiritual side of the human being, one regards the human being as a spiritual being. If we want to express: The human being is a spiritual being and everything else is only an expression, a revelation of the spirit, – when we attach worth to the concept of the human spirit, we express this as “Manushya””.

Free translation of a text from Rudolf Steiner


From September 2017.

A consultancy centre for co-workers in social therapy and curative education.

Seminars, Courses, Workshops and Lectures.

Snooker-Therapy for people with (or without) diagnosed special-needs.

About Me

Dave Johnston

Born in Newton Abbot Devon.

Social-Worker for Clients with special-needs.

Enthusiast for the work of Rudolf Steiner.

Working for the fulfillment of our potential to become what we are destined to become.

Snooker enthusiast.

Snooker (also as therapeutical Tool)

Snooker is a game which involves a great deal of emphasis put on concentration and technique. The eye to hand coordination and sensitivity of cue delivery are only two of the tools needed to master this very precise game. If you want to learn how the professionals on the TV do what they do, then sign up for a course!
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