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  1. There would be so much to say. If we do not recognise the need for the Spiritual work to be done, then we have little chance to sustain our institutions, but our own individual practice will become arid and eventually empty. I meet people who are working out of their spiritual efforts, yet it seems that many are just in a daily rut. Finding impulses like Manushya is positive, there will be seekers I hope they find their way

  2. Thankyou Philip. Let’s hope the Seekers find their way. One might even say: The new, new seekers!!! For those of us old enough to remember the first two sets of Seekers. A most hearty welcome is awaiting all who find their way. I look forward to working with you all.

  3. Advent, the time of expectation, we know that pre-Christmas has been taken by commerce for its own purposes. We can easily be frustrated, and bemoan this. I believe a better way to approach the festivals is to prepare ourselves inwardly. I cannot preach this, as I all to often fail to follow the inward path . Our institutions do make such efforts, do they need deepening? Can we help to deepen by our own efforts? I have, at times, benefited enormously from community efforts in this time, but importantly most when I have worked most on my own inner life at the same time.

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