Other Offers from Manushya

Individual consultation:

If the group atmosphere is too much for you, then maybe you need individual consultation. This can be arranged. Please let me know your needs!


In the course of time lectures will be organised. Please look under “what’s happening here soon” to see what’s on offer. I also look forward to hearing about your wishes for themes.

English courses:

A beginners course and conversational group will be offered. Please register yourself!

Introduction to Anthroposophy:

If you are new to Anthroposophy or you want to deepen your relationship to her, we can organise a starter-course or a discussion-group. Anthroposophy can offer a helpful and practical world-picture in many aspects of life. I look forward to hearing about your wishes in this direction.

Help for Self-Help.

In my time as case-worker in the Asklepios clinic in Bad König i worked with stroke patients, who needed assistance with their day to day activities. If you, or people around you need help with the practicalities of life, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I still have contact with many of my patients who have experienced the benefits of my experience.

Parental Consultation:

I have helped many parents to be able to cope better with their children at home. If you feel that you need support and don’t know where to ask, now you do! There really is no need to be constantly under stress!


Through the years i’ve done many translations for people. English into German or the other way around. If i can be of help in this respect, please let me know!

Future Projects

Holiday Offers:

We will be able to offer holiday/respite opportunities in the future. Please let me know if such an offer is something your’e looking for. It’s not always possible to find the right care for your siblings at certain times. We hope to offer this service to anyone who needs it.


We will be offering art workshops with Roger Rigorth.


We will be offering Yoga workshops with Claudia Kupferschmid.

Theatre/Circus Workshops

The Compagnie Xir was actually founded here in Hesselbach and we are very much looking forward to developing a strong working relationship with this amazing group of young people. {:}