Why has Manushya come about?

Manushya has mainly come about due to the following sentence:

„The Etheric-Body of the educator must – and this must happen through the training period -, it must be able to work on the physical body of the child.”
(Curative Education Course : Lecture 2.)

In the course of my training the meaning of this sentence was not directly brought-up. This occurred indirectly during discussions about the pedagogical law.
We have here however a direct plea to the training institutions. Not only content should be given, but also the seminarists should also be coached in the realisation of this process. Steiner is really saying here; A co-worker should be able to work from out of this process straight after the training is finished.

During my work i’ve always felt the importance of this fact and have tried to the best of my ability to follow these guidelines set forth by Rudolf Steiner.
It has been however often the case, that my experience has shown me that the lack of the requisite preparation of candidates, effects the quality of our work.
As a house parent i always tried to incorporate the development of the pedagogical law for adults. The success of this motivated me to deepen this way if working.

I have therefore decided to lay-forth the foundations of a practical spriritual research ethos for those co-workers who feel the need for such an impulse in their daily work.

A co-ordinating centre for researchers in social-therapy and curative education is the goal of this initiative.