Curative Education

What can be won through this initiative for curative educationalists?

The main result is an understanding for the necessary preparation in relation to the following sentence and what one could undertake for the fulfillment of this directive.

„The Etheric-Body of the educator must – and this must happen through the training period -, it must be able to work on the physical body of the child.”
(Curative Education Course : Lecture 2.)

What do we need in our toolbox when we set out on this journey?
How do we so prepare the parts of our being, so that an optimal influence is thereby affected on the child’s being?

Intuitive Research

The description of my path to intuitive Research, which by the way was a gradual one, will bring us to the crux of the matter at hand.
I was working with a client, who was deaf and mute, when a question suddenly came to me: How on earth are we to communicate with each other, when you are deaf and mute and can’t give me the answers i need? And suddenly i realised that i had to change the way i was working. Because he wasn’t able to effect the change for himself, it was up to me to facilitate the way of our communication on a different level completely.
How does one then come into another way communicating with clients who it seems can only give physical signs of dis-ease or contentment? And what right do i have to do this?
Is there a way to receive an answer from you, and to know that this answer actually comes from you? What conditions apply here, in order to assure the objectivity of these communications?
And thus i made my way to the concept of moral technique and at the same time opened the door to intuitive research.
All that i was privileged to learn on this path, builds the foundation of this initiative.