Courses & Seminars


The course is made up of two weeks spread over a year. The first week will be spent in peaceful surroundings learning and putting into practice the necessary foundations for successful research and discussing the questions arising from our daily work with others, who have the same intentions. The fruits of this week will be to give certainty of ones own ability to become a researcher in ones own community and the will to try for six months to incarnate these impulses in the practical side of our job. After six months the group will come together for a deepening of the practical experiences and to talk about the effects of this new approach for our further research. The course is of course also available in english.

Should it be impossible to travel to Germany, it would be also possible to arrange visits to where you are at home.

There will be a private forum (password-activated) for the time inbetween courses, in which the course participants can exchange their questions and experiences with each other. Because these exchanges have a rather intimate character, we lay great emphasis here on protection and security.

Course 1: Ita Wegmann Course.

Course 2: Karl König Course.

Course 3: Albrecht Strohschein Course.

Course 4: Franz Löffler Course.

Course 5: Siegfried Pickert Course.

Course 6: Ilse Knauer Course.

The courses for 2018 will be announced later this year.

We can of course set the courses for weekends, if that should be more favourable!

All courses can be bi-lingual. (English & German). Naturally if all the course participants have english as their mother tongue, the course will be held in english.

The Snooker Courses will start in September 2017. Please apply using one of our contact possibilities!