Snooker (also as therapeutical Tool)

Snooker is a game which involves a great deal of emphasis put on concentration and technique. The eye to hand coordination and sensitivity of cue delivery are only two of the tools needed to master this very precise game. If you want to learn how the professionals on the TV do what they do, then sign up for a course!

The Basic course for beginners has 13 parts:

  1. The 3 Basics; Grip – Bridge – Stance.
  2. Pre – Post Routine
  3. Cue-Technique
  4. Cueball-Control
  5. Straight and angled-Shots
  6. Eye/Cue Coordination
  7. Reflection of the first 6 phases. What are our options for the next phase?

Each of the first 6 phases has a repeat unit; = 6 phases + repeat unit = 12 basic parts.
Before we then can talk about the further development, there will a
relflective look at the first 6 phases. What will our options be for next phase?
All in all 13 training units.

I’ve been an avid snooker enthusiast now for over 40 years and have won local league titles in England and also here in Germany (2 times Hessen-Champion). I am now playing in the Bundesliga here in Germany for Rüsselsheim Snooker Club.

Part of my working life (15 Years) has been spent working with special-needs clients. During this time i’ve spent much time working through the idea of developing Snooker as a therapeutical tool. The result of these deliberations brought me to the idea of developing a course for people with special-needs and the gains they can get from this therapy.
Advances in concentration, bodily co-ordination, sureness and self-determination are goals of this new therapeutical tool.
The courses are also naturally intended for wheelchair users aswell.

Because i have my own snooker table at home, the courses will be held here. They can however take place for instance in Rüsselsheim.

For clients in the UK who want to further their interest, here is a link for the WDBS.

The idea has been developed with the assistance of Nic Barrow (Coach to the professionals, former Head Coach of the IBSF and examiner for the WPBSA and EASB.