What is Manushya?

Manushya is a new bi-lingual initiative based on the groundbreaking stimuli in the curative education course from Rudolf Steiner. It’s intended for co-workers in the fields of social-therapy and curative education. Seminars, consultation and much more is set out in detail on this website.

Manushya wants to call a new type of college of co-workers into life. This college will contain co-workers who are actually doing the work and integrate the activity of the spiritual hierarchies into their daily work.

A triad between the inner activity of my clients, connected spiritual beings and my spiritual research will be developed and inter-exchanged.

Also there is a new development for the use of *Snooker as a therapeutical tool.

Take some time to research our website in peace and quiet!

* Where a word is underlined, lies a link to the appropriate web-page.

Naturally Manushya is not only a stationary movement here in Germany. Manushya opens it’s doors to all the world. And if Manushya has to come to you, we will do our very best to accommodate all requests for courses where you are at home. Please remember however, there are only 2 language possibilities: English or German. All other requests will be considered dependant on the quality of the translators available.